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Columbia's nutty flavor and smooth body make it an everyday favorite. The coffee cherries are grown and processed in the province of Narino in Southwest Colombia -- a precipitous landscape known for its breathtaking sceneray and active volcanos


With refined acidity, subtle cocoa texture and gentle spice flavors, this coffee is an elegant treasure. Grown in the Antigua region of South Central Guatemala, a region nestled among three volcanoes, its coffees are nurtured by farmers with vast knowledge and passion.


From the birthplace of coffee, these beans are highly prized by coffee buyers from around the world. This coffee features a fleeting, floral aroma with bright, yet soft, finish and a wonderful hint of lemon. Typically, Ethiopian coffee is grown in small, backyard coffee gardens and sold at daily auctions.


Medium-bodied Kenya has layers of flavor, from black currant, or blackberry, to sweet, tropical fruit. This coffee is prized for its bright and refreshing acidity. The finest coffees of Kenya provide an archetype of coffee quality, used by coffee buyers from all over the world as a point of comparisson.


An assertive coffee with a heavy body and creamy texture, Sulawesi is precious and in great demand. Many coffee tasters use words like "herbal" and "spicy" to describe the complex flavor present in the best Sulawesi coffees.


Sumatra has a ful body with virtually no acidity -- so the coffee's intensity lingers in your mouth. The concentrated spicy, herbal notes and earthy aroma are the telltale signatures of this well-loved coffee. The island of Sumatra produces 70% of Indonesia's income and is home to over 38 million people.

Espresso Roast

A blend of coffees from Latin America and the Asia Pacific region. Espresso Roast has a dense, caramel-like sweetness and smooth, satisfying finish. Versatile because of it's delicious flavor, smooth texture and balance, Espresso Roast imparts a subtle sweetness.

House Roast

A wonderful straightforward balanced blend of Latin American coffees. The bright flavor is tempered with a round smoothness and ends with a clean finish.

French Roast

Blunt, smoky flavors are the objective in creating this our darkest roasted coffee. The intense flavor makes it one of our most popular roasts.


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