:: Tidbits about BJ ::

BJ was born in Bellingham, WA in 1978. After his family moved away in 1989 he returned to his hometown in 2004 (15 years later) BJ has also lived in Tumwater, WA... Ellensburg, WA... Cannon Beach, OR... and Santa Cruz, CA.

BJ currently is occupied as a Barista at Starbucks Coffee where he makes amazing "handcrafted espresso beverages" every morning at the butt-crack of dawn. His last day making coffee (sadly) will be July 7, 2007. BJ will start his new internship at the Bellingham Herald the next week. As much as he loves coffee, and as incredibly hard as it will be to walk away from all his relationships at Starbucks, it's time for BJ to pursue his career in Graphic Design. It's been a good ride Starbucks, thanks for all the memories.

As well as his job at Starbucks, BJ is occupied with the Music and Art leadership of Oikos Fellowship (a local body of believers dedicated to glorifying God through lives changed by the Gospel of Christ).

When BJ is not making music or espresso or studying (it still happens from time to time), he enjoys driving his volkswagen with the sunroof open and the music up real loud, bowling, thrift store shopping, painting, sewing and a cavalcade of other activities with a plethora of different peoples.

:: Influences ::

In all of BJs comings and goings he has been influenced by a great many people, artists, musicians and friends along the way.

In life, he has been encouraged and influenced by his family, by the churches that he has been involved with through the years, and the many thousands of friends that have touched his life (I mean roommates alone, there have been Forty-some)...

Artistically, BJ has drawn influences from the work of current designers, Andy Warhol, Andrew Goldsworthy, Roy Lichenstein, (okay, all the Pop artists really), Cristo (the outdoor sculptures are amazing)... and God (who can compare with the color palette of a sunset, or a rainbow... truly spectacular)...

Musically Bj has the most diverse influences of all the lists, including all the way from the "Christian music scene" with Rich Mullins, Keith Green, Derek Webb (absolutely fantastic), Switchfoot and Relient K... to the other side with artists like Nirvana, My Chemical Romance, a little bit of Modest Mouse from time to time, U2, Dave Matthews, Nickel Creek... and even a good deal of jazz... Miles Davis and John Coltraine are always golden, Dave Brubek, J.J. Johnson, Chet Baker and Ella Fitzgerald... and the list could go on... but we'll stop there...

:: Contacting BJ ::

If you for some reason would like to get a hold of BJ then here are some conventional methods.

You could e-mail him here... bjott@bjottdesign.com

or here... bj@oikosfellowshiop.org

You could mail him a letter (or a wax banana... you laugh, but it can be done) 1210 N Garden Street #101 ++ Bellingham, WA 98225

You could stop by unannounced, but he may not let you in, and may find that to be really creepy, so I wouldn't suggest it...

There probably are a few more methods you could use to contact him but I would hate to steal the surprise...