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in Your sight -- by bj -- Romans 8

-- oh God, when i look up to the mountains - i know i'll see you coming over to help me - in every situation, every trial and tribulation i am in - i now You'll be with me throughout my days - i know You'll take me to Your side where i'll sit for eternity -- i'm forgiven - i've accepted, received salvation - i've been cleansed white as snow - i am justified, in Your sight -- oh God, when i wonder 'bout my future - i look ahead and see that pillar standing bright leading my path - when i stumble and i fall, get struck down by this world - i know You'll be there to lift me up and set me on my feet again -- oh God, yes i know, that i have been forgiven - i've been cleansed by Your blood and stand in Your presence holy now - i have faith and i know - yes i have faith and i know that... when i look up to the mountain i know i'll see You coming over

walk away -- by christy -- Psalm 139:7

- where are these thoughts coming from - are they from my heart or mind - 'cause i am not focused on You - but rather sit here wandering away - though i cannot walk away -- i can't run fast enough - my thoughts can't fly far enough away - i cannot leave this place for here my heart is with You - though i cannot focus on You -- 'cause here with You is where i need to be - i'm thankful for Your love for me - You fill my life with grace and mercy - Lord help me this to see -- where is my life going now - o i can't see ahead - Lord please take this life away from me - and guide me now with Your hands - don't let me walk away

prayer for a girl -- by christy

-- my prayer for one girl (and many others) who i see hurting in this world --

-- she sits in her room, her daddy is gone - her mother is there, but they just don't get along - so with a pen there a letter she writes - and finds its way here, the way to me tonight - and i cry to hear her pain - my heart breaks with her pain -- she's looking for love, but finds none that's true - she'll never get it from those guys at school - but she doesn't know what it's all about - and thinks that it's love that those guys give out - and my heart breaks with her pain - i cry to hear her pain -- so Lord i come now, knowing You care, down on my knees i'm crying to You there - please keep her in Your hands - and guide her with Your hands -- when she can't find love, show her You care - when she feels so alone, show her You're there - show her that You're all that she needs - and show her how to walk where You lead -- this isn't Your will, it wasn't Your plan - but Lord take her now to walk hand in hand - she wants to live for You Lord - but she doesn't know how so please show her Lord - my heart breaks with her pain - and i cry to hear her pain

rescue -- by bj

-- Lord, i donÕt deserve Your love - but still You chose to die for me upon a roman cross - i don't know how to repay the debt i owe to You - Lord, i want to give You my all -- Lord, i'm calling out to You - Lord, do you hear my cries, still living in this sin - Lord, forgive me for these things that burden down my soul and keep me away from You -- God, as You hung upon that cross - You saw me in all of my sin and my shame - You could have called ten thousand angels down to rescue You - but You chose to die alone so You could rescue me

on -- by christy -- philippians 3:10-14

-- sometimes my eyes can't see the road in front of me - my feet shake and i want to stop - and never go on -- sometimes my mind can't think - of the road as i sink - is it where i must travel - i can't go on -- sometimes my heart can't feel - Your rush of love - is it real? - i am weak without this love - too weak to go on -- but as i sit i feel Your hand -- pick me up and You say let's travel on again - for You are the reason i live - and You are the strength in my step - and You are the joy in my song - so i'll travel on -- sometimes my eyes won't see - sometimes my mind won't think - sometimes my heart won't feel - but Your love is so real - You will take me all the way - so i'll go on

Father God, come -- by bj

-- Daddy Daddy, are You listening - do Your hear my cry for help - please come quickly to my rescue - oh please, Father God, come -- i am so weak and afraid - cowering in my pain and my frailty - sometimes i wonder what happened to You - then i realize that i was the one who moved -- i'm walking in circles in this great big world of life - don't know whether i'm coming or going - this blindfold covers my eyes as i stumble in the dark - but then i feel Your hand of peace - and You're leading me -- Father please help me to trust You more today - to follow closely as you lead me through these valleys - Lord, You are the One who creates and sustains my every breath - Lord, continue to give me breath so i can call to You

the hey yey song -- by bj and christy -- listen

-- one day i was talking to a friend of mine - told me all the places that he'd been - of all the people that he'd met and all the things he'd done - thought about it all and pondered what it meant -- people try to tell me that i gotta make my mark - believe, achieve, succeed is what they say - sometimes i got to wonder does it all mean a lot - does it all really matter in the end -- 'cause i've never been to stockholm, i've never been to france - i've never been to boston in the fall - i've never been to china and i've only seen the moon - but one day i'll walk the streets of gold with Him -- so it's okay, hey yey - 'cause Jesus loves me anyways - hey yey, He died and rose again for me - hey yey, i'm gonna live my life for Him today - hey yey, hey yey -- i've never met the president, i've never met the pope - i've never met dianna now she's dead - i've never met old gorbachev, i've never met king kong - but the Savior of the world is my best friend -- i've never climbed mt. everest, i've never bungee jumped - i've never eaten pickles in the snow - i've never river rafted, and i've never danced ballet - but every move i make is for my King -- Christ came down upon this earth to be a sacrifice - giving all His love that i should live - well if my name never makes it in a history book - but every day is His it's all the same -- so when you're in the dumps and thinking your life's really blah - remember this here song and what it says - every day with Jesus is a power-packed ride - no matter where you go He'll be there all the way

i see your face -- by christy

-- (a struggle with memories of a friend) -- i see your face - smiling at me - with that face that makes me smile - do you laugh as i laugh? - i need to know -- i try to rest in God's mighty hand - but it seems that i can't with all these questions - do you struggle as i struggle? - i need to know -- i've prayed and i've prayed for God to take this away - but He keeps giving it back - do you hurt as i hurt? - do you cry as i cry? - i need to know -- i hear your voice - speaking a word - that pierces within and waters my soul - do you grow as i grow? -- and then in the night when my thoughts start to fly - down on my knees i pour out my soul - do you pray as i pray? -- i don't want to loose or destroy - this wonderful gift that God's placed in my hands - do you rejoice as i rejoice? -- Ôcause i laugh, and i cry - i struggle and i grow - i hurt and i pray - i rejoice, do you? -- i need to know

better place -- by christy

-- (waiting in expectation for Christ's return) --

-- i'm tired and i'm weak - confused and torn - i'm broken and i'm worn, i know that there is a better place -- how long 'till You come? - how long 'till this pain vanishes like stars in the morning light? -- i don't understand You - but i try hard to - love You the way You love - i know that despite this want i don't -- i long to see Your face - i long to run to You, arms open wide to Your embrace -- i know this is not what - what You had wanted - for the children You love - i know that You hate this hurt this pain -- Lord come and take me home - Lord come and dance with me as leaves on the wind -- but make me strong 'till You come - make me strong with the strength You give amidst the storm -- i'm tired and i'm weak

back to You -- by bj -- listen

-- oh God, i feel so drunken by the pressures of this world - my hands seem tied behind me as i'm whipped along this road - the fire's gone within my spirit this world's took control - where are You Lord - what have i done - that has driven me so far away from -- You are the One who lights the fire in my soul - my heart is ready Lord - please strike the match and let it go - Lord, i wonder sometimes why i'm struggling with the truth - set me on the Rock, draw my soul back to You, back to You, back to You -- Father, i know that You are King and God of all the earth - still this chasm between keeps growing holding us apart - but i know this separation comes from me - i want to find You - Lord, i long to climb into Your loving arms - with tears of pain in my eyes i look up to - You...

this freedom -- by christy -- 2 Corinthians 3:17

-- how can i explain this, where does it come from -- as i sit and ponder, i think and i wonder - right now it seems that i should be so hurt, but i'm not -- from somewhere it comes and floods over me - this freedom -- as i look deep within, i see victory over my sin - but right now it seems that i should be knocked down - but i'm not -- so long, i've trodden the valley below - each step, Christ has given me strength as i go - but now, He's lifted me up and given me wings to fly -- in Christ i am set free - from my sin, from myself within - from the weight that i've carried so long - He has freed me -- i've been weak, He's given me strength - i've been tired, He's carried me on - as i've waited, He's shown Himself ever faithful -- and i'll fly cause i'm free - and the joy that He brings - overflows from my heart 'cause i'm free - i am free

matthew 11-- written by matthew bergsma

--matthew 11:28 - come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. --

-- guitar played by matthew bergsma - dulcimer played by christy --

Jesus keep me near the cross -- written by fanny crosby -- listen

-- how i long for the day to join her at Jesus' feet and praise Him --

-- Jesus keep me near the cross - there a precious fountain - free to all a healing stream - flows from Calv'ry's mountain -- chorus -- in the Cross, in the Cross - be my glory ever - 'till my raptured soul shall find - rest beyond the river -- near the cross, a trembling soul - love and mercy found me - there the Bright and Morning star - shed His beams around me -- near the Cross, O Lamb of God - bring it's scenes before me - help me walk from day to day - with it's shadow o'er me -- near the cross I'll watch and wait - hoping, trusting ever, - till I reach the golden strand, - just beyond the river.

bj would like to thank...

my glorious Lord and Savior, who took upon Himself my sin and shame - He has given me songs to sing and a reason to sing them... my mother - who continues to give selflessly of herself to help me succeed (don't worry mom, i am graduating eventually)... my sister - who encourages me and gives me a chance to encourage... jason wood - who has encouraged me throughout the years to keep pressing on... jaime smith - for singing with me... scottie crawford - for patiently living with me and being a good friend... and all the people who have purchased this cd and encouraged us along the way.

christy would like to thank...

first and foremost, my thanks go to God my Father who has allowed me to sing and praise Him, without Him, i am nothing. He has given me people along the way to teach, encourage and challenge me. of these people i would like to thank my mom who has "put up" with me and the loud noises of practice in our house for years: also my brother, bj, who encourages me to keep going; mr. click for getting me started on guitar and david l. for keeping me going and encouraging me to write; matt for challenging me on the dulcimer and in my worship; my 16 year old cat for singing along with my wonderful harmonica playing; and all of my family and friends who have encouraged me and challenged me along the way, i wouldnÕt have done it without you.

keep singing His praise...


sibling ragamuffins are bj and christy ott

"keep" was recorded and mixed at hillcrest chapel - bellingham, washington by matthew bergsma

all songs written by bj and christy ott with exception of "Jesus keep me near the cross," by fanny crosby

photography by melissa goin

cover design by bj ott

bj plays a washburn guitar and an enrico roselli accordion

christy plays a dean guitar and a dusty strings hammered dulcimer and a harmonica

© 2001 duck in water publishing